Soulshine Sessions

Your daughter is smart, funny, kind, and has so much going for her. Why doesn’t she see how wonderful she is?

You’ve tried to talk to her, reward her, praise her, even plead with her. Nothing changes.

She is stuck in patterns that keep her second-guessing and limiting herself. She isn’t reaching her potential.

You’re worried.

Our daughters face real challenges: worry, sadness, stress, impulsivity, body image issues, decision-making, lack of motivation, and endlessly trying to fit in. Great grades, high achievements, talent, and social success don’t always translate into confidence. In fact, the girls who look like they have it all, can often suffer the most.

Social media leaves our girls feeling ‘less-than’ and ‘not-good-enough’. Perfectionism has serious, even dangerous consequences. Pleasing is a pandemic. Fear of Failure and her close cousin, Fear of Judgment are paralyzing.

Your daughter’s level of confidence will directly influence her levels of happiness, success, and her choices in friends and partners. Confidence affects her resilience, self-regulating capabilities, and her ability to cope. Confidence impacts her grades, her decisions, and her willingness to stand up for herself.

Confidence, or lack of it, impacts every point in a girl’s life. 

Self-confidence is the best way to vaccinate your daughter against

unhappiness, poor decision-making, and fear-based overwhelm.

Soulshine Sessions will transform your daughter’s beliefs about herself and her potential.

Soulshine Sessions are an affordable, slow and steady, lasting approach to confidence.

No overwhelm. No shame.

The modules are a step-by-step playbook to self-confidence. 

Our weekly Soulshine Sessions are brain, science, and soul-based. 

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Soulshine Sessions will...

...will transform your daughter’s beliefs about herself and her potential. 

Change the conversation in her head and your daughter will change her life. 

 ...transform your daughter's ideas of perfection.

Soulshine Sessions give your daughter the strategies she needs to challenge her inner critic, quiet the negative chatter in her head, and prioritize her potential, her dreams. your daughter discover and effectively use her voice. 

Soulshine Sessions give girls the tools they need to effectively communicate their needs, wants, and their values.

Weekly Soulshine Sessions provide techniques for your daughter to build her self-confidence, her motivation, and her self-trust, not just for now, but forever.

She will stand up a bit taller.

She will rely less on her friends and more on her values.

She’ll develop positive self-talk that translates into greater happiness.

She will be kind to herself.

She will no longer be afraid to go after her big goals and dreams. 

Soulshine Sessions

We are a mother-daughter duo.

T-Ann Pierce is a Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner and Life Coach.

Siobhan Pierce holds a master’s degree and works in the field of women’s empowerment. 


We know the often precarious nature of the mother/daughter relationship.

We’ve lived it.


Strengthening the mother/daughter bond is a natural byproduct of improving self-confidence.

When confidence is up-leveled communication increases, drama decreases.

Being happier allows everyone to be more patient, more forgiving, more curious, less judgmental, and more goal-oriented. 

Your daughter looks to you to role model confidence. Consider working through Soulshine Sessions yourself!

Strengthening the mother/daughter bond is a natural byproduct of improving self-confidence; ‘Happy helps,’ we like to say.

When confidence is upleveled communication increases, drama decreases. Being happier allows everyone to be more patient, more forgiving, more curious, less judgmental, and more goal-oriented.

Imagine how much easier family life and parenting gets when both mother and daughter feel better, stronger, more focused, and optimistic!

Check out our Soulshine Sessions to see if they're right for your you and your daughter. 

Take Me To Soulshine!

Wishing you had the opportunity to develop confidence when you were your daughter’s age?

Wondering what choices you would have made (or not made) if you had more confidence in your youth?

Thinking about what your life might look like today if you didn’t battle negative self-talk and fear?

We have your back!! 

We developed Soulshine Sessions so mother and daughters could grow their confidence together!

You are your daughter’s greatest ally.

We encourage you to link arms with your daughter and work on your confidence together!

Grow Confidence Together

Each Soulshine Session presents

new ideas, strategies, challenges, or techniques

so your daughter (and you, if you choose!) can:

Identify Your Values

Make Better Decisions

Develop Self-Kindness 

Understand The Role of Anxiety

Reduce Negative Self-Talk

Set Goals

Improve Self-Image

Improve Impulsivity

Create Deeper Relationships

Minimize Fear

Celebrate Imperfections

Rethink People Pleasing

Create Healthy Boundaries

Dream Big

Become You

Achieve Greater Happiness

Trust Yourself

Take Risks

Become Comfortable in Your Own Skin

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Do not believe self-doubt and lack of confidence is normal.  

Do not accept that it is normal for teenagers to be unmotivated, unhappy, and self-sabotaging. Low self-esteem is not a universal teen experience. It is dangerous. 

For less than a dinner out each month, you can give your daughter the tools she needs to unlock her potential, improve her relationships, and stop letting fear keep her small.

Activate Your Daughter's Confidence

Confidence comes down to managing thoughts. 

When your daughter switches off the loop of negative thoughts and develops the habit of choosing new, more truthful, empowering thoughts, her mood changes, her goals emerge, her future brightens.

It might seem impossible, but confidence can be learned! 

We understand your daughter has enough on her plate and she doesn’t need more time sucks. Our modules take only a handful of minutes to watch and complete each week. Confidence is learned in real time, in the real world, not in front of a screen.

Soulshine Sessions are flexible. 

Your daughter can ‘go and grow’ on her own or use our activities, challenges, and strategies as a launchpad for conversations throughout the week.

Soulshine Sessions

drop weekly

to keep confidence

at the forefront

of your mind. 

Ready to transform your daughter’s life

(and your life, too!)?

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If we could gift each mother and daughter one thing it would be this:

the gift of confidence.

This gift lasts a lifetime.