About Us

We are a mother/daughter duo wrestling with the sharp edges, the soft middles, and the subtle nuances of girls’ self-confidence.

Believe us when we say we are no strangers to self-doubt and lack of confidence. We seem hard wired to struggle with people pleasing and body image blahs. We often feel not-good-enough. We fear the harsh judgement of others and we fear failure.


T-Ann was raised in a shame-based home. It did a number on her self-confidence. She vowed to end the generational plague of shame that was handed down like her Grandma’s Lemon Bar recipe. She tore shame out of her life as best she could. She swears shame sounded like industrial Velcro being ripped from her soul. 

Siobhan didn’t spend her childhood steeped in shame, but wowza, she discovered her own achilles heel: Imposter Syndrome. It seemed no matter what amazing title, achievement, or accolade Siobhan earned, she could always find reason to feel undeserving, unworthy, like a fraud.  

Our self-confidence journeys led to endless talks about confidence (no joke – we can talk for hours on the phone). How do we gain confidence? How do we keep it? How do we model it?

We decided to harness the how-to’s and the science of self-confidence in a way that honored every girl and her individual shade, subtlety, and volume of confidence. One size does not fit all.

We envisioned a safe landing pad for girls and their moms as they navigate changes in self-confidence ~ together.

Voilá! The Confidence Triangle was born.

Siobhan Pierce

(You pronounce it: shi-vawn. She was named after her Great Granny) has really been through it. She has been ‘the new girl’ more times than she’d care to remember, including the time when she was 12 and her family moved from Illinois to England. All that moving and trying to fit in left a mark. She is a braces-with-head-gear survivor and still battles acne.

Despite the things that give her self-confidence a run for its money, Siobhan mind-over-matters herself into amazing things. She went to Dickinson College, where she earned a degree in International Studies. She spent her junior year abroad in Jordan. During a college internship, she was invited to speak with Very Important People at the Pentagon. She got her Master’s in Global Policy from the University of Maine. During grad school, she fought countless layers of bureaucracy so she could bring empowerment training to women and girls in the Middle East.

After graduation, Siobhan moved to DC where she supports women the world over to lead their communities. Siobhan surrounds herself with courageous men and women of all ages and a posse of friends who make her laugh and sing karaoke even though she can’t carry a tune.

T-Ann Pierce

T-Ann is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner, Life Coach, wife, mother of four, and mom to a dog named Pig. She has a degree in English, with a minor in Personal and Family Development (before Oprah made it cool). Post grad, she studied Childhood Development while she taught and managed pre-school. She’s had her coaching practice for ten-ish years, working with clients between the ages of 10-80.

When the captains chose teams in grade school, she was picked last every. single. time. She was teased because she was overweight. When she was eleven, she was mean to a friend for no reason at all; it was a rotten thing to do. She can still become paralyzed with self-consciousness when she thinks about junior high dances. T-Ann especially loves being with her family on the beach and eating Skippy peanut butter with a spoon.